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If you’ve used the internet at all in the last ten years you’ll have realised that it’s more or less powered by pictures of cats.

You may also have noticed cats in real life as well; gazing loftily from windowsills, attacking bits of string and playing ‘Grandmas Footsteps‘ with pigeons.

Well the curational genius that is Jenny Theolin (Theo, to her friends), founder of Soapbox & Sons, has organised an exhibition of one to support the other.

LOLCAT — TEH EXHIBISHUN is a collection of original works from graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, animators, and writers who have each crafted their own unique take on the LOLcat theme to create a piece of beautiful, amusing and exquisitely crafted LOLCAT art which you can see at The Framers Gallery with 50% of all money made going to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Snapshot of works submitted to the lolcat exhibishun

Part of the reason I’m telling you about all this is that our favourite Charlie has contributed a piece (which you can see below) to the exhibition that takes the Keyboard Cat meme as his inspiration, and is an infographic showing all the piano chords that a cat can play with 4 paws, all wrapped up in some giddy puns:

Piano Cat print by Charlie Farncombe for LOLcats: TEH EXHIBISHUN

Charlie’s keyboard cat prints are on a lovely gloss black on Mohawk Superfine 270gsm white (which is slightly ivory) paper.

The exhibition has already caught the attention of Wired, Design Taxi, We Heart and FormFiftyFive and you can catch it yourself when LOLcats – TEH EXHIBISHUN runs at The Framers Gallery from 23 January until 15 Feb 2013.

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