The BBC has launched a bolt-on device that enables full end-to-end broadcast production to go directly onto the Internet. Stagebox attaches to the back of a regular broadcast-standard camera and creates a fully-connected set-up that moves HD content over standard IP networks to connect multiple cameras, microphones and feeds directly to the editing process. bbc stagebox device attached to the back of a camera From a production standpoint this is very exciting because it has the potential to streamline the production workflow immeasurably. If we’re understanding this right, with Stagebox broadcasters will be able to stream HD video content directly between news agencies and post-production services, enabling them to replace older systems where content is bounced across satellites from a Mast Control Room, or getting a runner or courier to get tapes across town. News broadcasters may now be able to escape the 90’s and take one giant leap into the 21st century. Source: RapidTV News

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