Bauer Radio:
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Brand Communications | Creative Concept | Motion Design

Who they are
Bauer Media is a UK-based multi-platform broadcaster and publisher that is widely recognised as being an industry innovator across its two main divisions – Bauer Magazines and Bauer Radio.

Bauer Media’s governing strategy is to connect audiences with brand platforms through multiple touchpoints, giving them the market advantage over pure-play magazine or radio competitors.

What they needed
Bauer Radio attracts an audience of over 15 million people every week and Bauer Media wanted to get this message across to potential advertising partners. They wanted an engaging an informative short film that demonstrates the broad scope of their reach and how their understanding of UK audiences helps them to connect brands with consumers.

What we delivered
There was a lot of information that Bauer Media wanted the film to cover, so a crucial element of the project for us was to find a way of doing this without bloating the content of the film to the point that the message became lost.

We developed a concise script with a snappy pace and an engaging narrative that successfully incorporated all of the key facts and figures that Bauer wanted to convey about their offer to advertisers.

We storyboarded the film and created a bespoke range of unique illustrations to visualize the script. We then animated the illustrations to fully bring the narrative to life. The end result is a colourful and compelling short film that tells the Bauer Media story, and delivers a persuasive argument to potential new advertising partners.