BBC Sport:
Monaco Grand Prix

Brand Film | Motion Design

Who they are
The BBC holds the exclusive television and radio broadcasting rights within the UK to several major sports and provide national sports coverage for BBC Television, radio and online through BBC Sport.

What they needed
The Monaco Grand Prix is a fan-favourite on the Formula 1 racing calendar every year, attracting millions of viewers from around the world. BBC Sport typically produces a short film in-house to play at the start of the day’s coverage and set the tone for the day’s events.

In 2011, BBC Sport decided that they wanted us to develop and produce the film for them.

What we delivered
Our concept for the Monaco Grand Prix focused on the parallels between the high-stakes world of Formula 1 and the glamour and intrigue of the casinos that are synonymous with Monaco.

The sequence features BBC presenter Jake Humphrey who was filmed in a chroma-key green studio, and then immersed in a graphically-rendered animated environment of tumbling dice, cascading cards and kaleidoscoping racecars to evoke the stylised chic of vintage European poster design.

What happened next
BBC Sport’s coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix in 2011 attracted over 6 million viewers, and they were so pleased with the film that we created they moved it up the schedule to play immediately before the start of the race, to ensure that it was seen by the largest possible audience.

The film went on to win gold at the PromaxBDA Europe Awards 2012 for Best Design in Promotion and also won at the Royal Television Society Awards for Graphic Design – Programme Content Sequences.