The iPad Means Business

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Charlie | Thursday 8th, 2010, 12:00am BST

Now that the giddying rush of the official launch has come to pass, the iPad is beginning to prove itself as more than just a fancy new toy for dad. Granted, it doesn’t run Flash, nor allow for multitasking, has no USB port, no SD card slot, no camera and no CD/DVD drive. But despite these widely publicised flaws, it is beginning to prove a hit within the business sector. This is somewhat surprising, considering how much emphasis was placed on its entertainment value for the home and family in early reviews and press releases. But Bloomberg is reporting today that the tablet device is being used for “accessing work e-mail, approving shipping orders and calling up on-the-spot auto-finance options” in addition to giving¬†demonstrations at investor conferences. The iPad’s improved security features have apparently given large businesses and companies confidence that their sensitive corporate data is not at risk. Like everyone else who has bought the Apple device, this is still a period of experimentation and finding out what it can do and what it can offer, but it’s definitely a mark of success that a consumer-targeted piece of new hardware has so rapidly been welcomed into the boardroom.