MTV gets into Social Gaming

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Charlie | Tuesday 13th, 2010, 12:00am BST

MTV has purchased Social Express, a social gaming development company based in San Francisco. Unlike traditional gaming which is a largely solitary ¬†experience, Social Gaming makes use of the integrated networks of Social Media platforms and creates a gaming experience which is continually shared with other users in an involving and constructive fashion. Social gaming has already made a massive impression on Facebook, most notably with the agriculturally-themed¬†Farmville application in which users purchase and develop farming land and participate in the development of other users land, their ‘neighbours’, as well. Plans are already in place for MTV to release it’s first game in Autumn of this year. We expect a number of other branded content developers will be making similar announcements as more and more broadcasters realise how fully they are going to have to diversify their output in order to keep pace with the expanding mediaverse.