Can World Expo Shanghai Pay Dividends

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Charlie | Thursday 22nd, 2010, 12:00am BST

The Chinese market is far too great for any country to overlook the importance of the current World Expo in Shanghai, but already the United States may be the first country to regret their poor appearance at the event. The World Expo not only a showcases a country’s identity, culture, heritage, ingenuity and, above all, its people, but it is also a marvelous marketing platform and¬†potentially big business if utilized well. Despite the failure of previous Expo’s (Zaragoza or Hanover) due to lower than expected attendance, Shanghai is already on-target to put the record straight. The biggest challenge facing the World Expo is in demonstrating the financial viability of such a massive project and for countries to measure ROI beyond excellence in creativity. UK Trade and Investment have the perfect tool in their hands, with a UK Pavilion that transcends cultural boundaries by striking a chord with Chinese businesses and investors: Expo 2010 Shanghai China