iPad: Gamechanger For Web Design?

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Charlie | Tuesday 3rd, 2010, 12:00am BST

While it remains to be seen if the iPad’s initial market success can be maintained, it’s possible the device has the potential to be a game-changer in computing and, by extension, browsing the web and designing for it. Andy Hume, web developer for Clearleft, sees the launch of the iPad as “a significant step in the advancement of consumer computing, locking away the complexities of a powerful operating system beneath a streamlined, polished user interface”. Web design specialist¬†Christopher Schmitt agrees, describing it as “a great tool for people who experience the web ‚Äì period” and adding that he enjoys being “in an industry where we can have our standards-based designs on this kind of device ‚Äì fully portable, with a large touchscreen and 10-hour battery life”. Schmitt then quips: “Can your laptop do that?” and the answer is “no”. The thing is, the iPad is also more than just a giant iPod touch. “It’s the other way around ‚Äì the iPod touch is a small, cramped iPad,” argues web design pioneer¬†Jon Bains. This pair of opinions should trigger your first concern regarding designing for the iPad ‚Äì if it really is different from everything that’s come before, how should you approach creating websites for it? Damian Proctor, head of design for¬†Redweb, believes much of the challenge is being in unproven territory. “We’ve no evidence yet whether conventional wisdom regarding desktop web design applies,” he says, “or if designers should draw on insight provided by mobile projects.” He predicts that a new hybrid will emerge, combining aspects of desktop and mobile design. Continue reading at TechRadar.com