Google Voice: Make Calls With Your Email

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Charlie | Thursday 26th, 2010, 12:00am BST

Google is introducing¬† a new telephone service to its Gmail users in the USA and Canada. Google Voice will utilise the in-window Google Chat function which enables Gmail users to have instant-messaging conversations with other Gmail contacts. The current plan is to introduce the new feature in North America and Canada, with calls placed to U.S. or Canadian numbers being free and a competitive discount on international calls. Presumably other countries will follow in due course. As part of the launch campaign telephone booths resembling the traditional red telephone booths that used to be found on British streets are being installed on university campuses and in airports to allow people to try out Google Voice for themselves. The classic British phone booth is certainly an interesting street-level launch vehicle for raising awareness of their new feature. Is Britishness perceived as being so aesthetically antiquated as to provide the strongest possible contrast with Google’s version of the future? Or is it because we’re just so stylish it hurts? If you’ve installed or are planning to install the app let us know how it works; comment below!