Shortcut To The Top | 4

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Charlie | Friday 17th, 2010, 12:00am BST

Week 4 has seen me move away from Photoshop and into the realm of Illustrator. This was a little uneasy for me as I like pens and pencils that make marks not digital lines, and because of this, I had never really used illustrator at all (thank god uni was about the Idea and not the finishing). So, today when I was put in charge of Steve’s (our social media guru) birthday card I got a tad nervous because the task included recreating his surname in the twitter typeface. This leads me to Command + Shift + O – Create Outlines. This considerably helped as I managed to blag the card a little by finding the twitter typeface online. So through this shortcut I quite swiftly turned un-editable type into editable letters and edited the letters that needed a bit of work. Jobs a good’un… So Happy Birthday Steve and in a roundabout way thanks for another shortcut.