Scotland Plans Digital Network

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Charlie | Monday 20th, 2010, 12:00am BST

The Scottish Government’s Minister for Culture and External Affairs¬†Fiona Hyslop has, with the support of the Scottish Broadcasting Commission, established an independent panel to investigate funding opportunities for a new digital network incorporating web-based channels as well as television. Ms Hyslop, said:

“There is unanimous support for the network in the Scottish Parliament and recognition of its potential to develop Scotland’s broadcasting sector, provide more high-quality programmes for Scottish audiences and create much-needed competition for the BBC.”

The panel will be led by Blair Jenkins, who was Head of Scottish Broadcasting Commission when the idea of a new Scottish digital network was initially proposed. The Scottish Broadcasting Commission has already come to the conclusion that up to ¬£75m of public money should be spent on a competitive new channel¬†to fill a ‘missing piece of the public service jigsaw’. The panel is expected to present its findings in January next year.