3rd Wednesdays

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Charlie | Wednesday 20th, 2010, 12:00am BST

Naturally, the Turquoise design studio loves design. But equally, we also love pie. So you can imagine how excited we all were when it was decided that we should combine the two. Inspired by the First Thursdays art fair in Dalston,¬†today Turquoise hosted its inaugural food/design fair… aptly named Third Wednesday. The event involved the coming together of the entire creative department¬†over lunch to partake in a fresh, homemade pie (prepared by a member of the studio) and a themed discussion around a specific design-related subject. What a better way to start than with ‘An intro into type design’ by our senior designer our in-house ‘typographer’¬†Greta Khoury. Greta’s presentation covered all of the basics as well as a very interesting video about Toyota’s IQ Font.¬†There has been a resultant flurry of emails ¬†this afternoon concerning anything typeface related, including a font-naming game which you can have a go at yourself. ¬†Our best studio score so far is 32/34. In recent years, certain members of the Turquoise team (Gareth and Charlie) have observed that it is very difficult to find a decent local pie and not a “casserole with a croissant on top”. With this in mind, they quietly set about the creation of the Campaign for Real Authentic Pies (C.R.A.P.). Using our lunch fairs as a springboard, over the next few months Turquoise will begin to give shape to this campaign, hopefully resulting in the creation of a reliable guide to where you can go for a bloody good pie. See you next month…