BBC iPlayer Goes Global

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Charlie | Monday 15th, 2010, 12:00am GMT

The BBC is poised to roll-out an international version of its popular VOD service ¬†the BBC¬†iPlayer following approval from the BBC Trust. BBC’s iPlayer¬†is currently restricted to viewers in the UK only because of international broadcasting restrictions, but the new plan for iPlayer means that more BBC content will be available to view abroad, with the intention being to offer home-grown entertainment for Brits abroad and attract new international audiences. The move could prompt the BBC to introduce advertising in order to help fund the new service if it is decided to make it a free-to-view platform. As a licence-supported broadcaster, the BBC is not allowed to carry adverts on any online content being accessed by users within the UK, but these restrictions do not apply to anyone viewing content outside of the Commonwealth, as was highlighted back when the BBC launched a dedicated American news site in July of this year.