Beam Down The Broadband

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Charlie | Friday 26th, 2010, 12:00am GMT

A satellite dedicated to plugging some of the holes in the UK and Europe’s broadband coverage finally takes to the skies this week. The spacecraft, called Hylas 1 (Highly Adaptable Satellite), was scheduled to launch at the end of last year but will now go into orbit on 26 November. The UK government may see the launch as an answer to its prayers as it races to provide all homes with a minimum 2Mbps broadband connection by 2015. But others have questioned the relevance of satellite in the increasingly competitive and speedy broadband market. David Williams, chief executive of Avanti, told the BBC that services would begin rolling out in the New Year, with 60 service providers in place across Europe. He said the service would provide an answer to rural communities which had been quoted thousands of pounds from firms such as BT to roll out broadband services. “That unpleasantness ends after Christmas,” he said. Continue reading at BBC News