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Charlie | Wednesday 16th, 2011, 12:00am GMT

Today brought a smile to many designers faces as it was the 5th instalment of Third Wednesdays, bringing the Turquoise creative team together once again, to eat pie and discuss design. This month saw the turn of yours truly to whip up a homemade pie for the studio, which, due to my competitive nature, meant it had to be perfect. “This is the best pie so far” Claire Richardson – Account Director Sadly, I cannot take full credit for the success of my pies as they were in fact Jamie Oliver recipes and not my own culinary genius… nor were they hot like Youhanna’s effort last month. That said though: “You have raised the bar Nick” Sharlene Pearce – Creative Director Moving on… As always, we were also given a lecture by our in studio Sigur Ros nut, Charlie, who ironically spoke about the branding of Metal bands. After opening his lecture with Imperial by Strapping Young Lad at full volume (I do not recommend this),√Ǭ†Charlie quickly moved on to highlight the trends and evolution of Metal branding over the past 30 or so years, using the legendary Metalica as his case study. Sadly however, later in the presentation things took a turn for the worse for us designers, as it was demonstrated that Metal bands don’t really care much for design.√Ǭ†In a section aptly named ‘legibility is obviously not an issue..”, we were given the challenge to decipher the name of a band from their logotype. This was very hard… and we got them all wrong. So in the spirit of good healthy competition, can you name the Metal band below? Overall yet again another very successful pie/design hybrid. See you again on the 16th March√¢‚Ǩ¬¶ P.S – The band are called Korgonthurus.