Vodafone Does A Double Take

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Charlie | Monday 14th, 2011, 12:00am GMT

The phrase ‘Double Rainbow’ entered popular usage after a home-movie of a man moved to tears whilst contemplating¬†a double rainbow in the sky above his home became a massive viral phenomenon last summer, inspiring some hilarious homages and even its own¬†range of official merchandise. Naturally, marketers are looking at the viral model to develop campaigns that can reach a mass audience with the same high level of social impact. One way to do this, of course, is to co-opt an existing meme and repackage it to support a brand message, which is what Vodafone New Zealand have done with this ad to launch their Double Back offer. But Vodafone NZ are not the first to hitch a ride on the Double Rainbow party bus. Microsoft actually got in there first with this ad for Windows Live Photo Gallery that was released in September last year: Microsoft explained on their blog that:

“We hooked up with Bear to learn more about him & show him how to capture a full on double rainbow with Windows Live Photo Gallery using our panorama stitch feature.”

So if you were cynically of the opinion that this was just a heavy-handed attempt by Microsoft to hijack a popular global meme to raise the profile of their image-sharing software then shame on you. They just wanted to hang out with Hungry Bear. Let us know what you think of the ads and which is your favourite in the comments below! (PS. This is my favourite Double Rainbow mash-up)