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Charlie | Thursday 17th, 2011, 12:00am GMT

Yesterday saw our 6th Third Wednesdays event, meaning that we have now been partaking in our combination of pie and design for half a year. To celebrate this, we thought we would up the stakes (and expectations) by passing the roles of chef and lecturer to two of our creative directors, Gareth Mapp and√Ǭ†Sharlene Pearce. We also thought it would be fun to decorate our forks! Pushing the boundaries of conventional pie fillings, our first creative director was Gareth, who produced both a chicken and Vegetarian CURRY pie. As unconventional as this sounds, it actually came as no surprise because Gareth seems to relish the thought that he has set the bar in the studio for spicy food… once quoting that a Phall curry wasn’t that hot. Nonetheless the pies were lovely. Second up, and in charge of the lecture this month was creative director Sharlene. Using her exceptional presentation skills and knowledge of the subject, Sharlene delivered a thorough and excellent talk on retail interior branding… explaining how, through the architecture of a store’s design, you are enticed into buying. Cleverly using Apple as a case study, Sharlene not only reeled us in but also instilled us with a little will power for when we next venture into an Apple store (no easy task considering the reputation designers have with Apple). So there we are, our 6th month anniversary. Luckily for us all though this is not the end, as, from what we witnessed yesterday, it is only getting bigger and better each month. Overall another very successful pie/design hybrid. See you again on the 20th April√¢‚Ǩ¬¶