Designing Tron VFX

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Charlie | Tuesday 5th, 2011, 12:00am BST

After a very lengthy and expensive marketing campaign, Tron: Legacy arrived in December 2010 to a great deal of pomp but, as many critics would argue, not much in the way of circumstance. But if we set aside any discussion about the films plot and characterisation for a moment, I hope you’ll agree that the film is a great big dollop of visual tastiness. So here’s a tiny peek inside the process behind the creation of some of the film’s more complex visual effects courtesy of Josh Nimoy who worked with a team at Digital Domain writing the software to create these and several other key digital effects for the movie. This may be the Tron fan in me talking, but I would happily hang these on my wall if they were to be turned into prints (massive hint). These are just a small sampling, you can see more dazzling visuals and read a genuinely fascinating insight into the processes behend them over on Josh’s site.