You Only Get Out What You Put In

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Charlie | Monday 13th, 2011, 12:00am BST

Take a look at the brilliant new advert for Australian beer Hahn Super Dry. The new ad by¬†Publicis Mojo Sydney demonstrates through a sequence of homages to visual tropes of the 1980’s that if you put ‘super’ in to something, you will get ‘super’ out of it (a practical work ethic which, of course, resonates deeply here at Turquoise). Being a child of the 1980’s myself, I was hooked immediately by the ad’s use of the¬†Knight Rider theme, but I was surprised to learn, in doing some background reading for this post,¬†that the Hahn Brewery was founded in 1986, so the anachronistic stylings of the ad owe as much to the brewery’s own heritage as they do to the nostalgic weaknesses of their target market. The ad was directed by Tom Kuntz, who is the director behind the ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ Old Spice ad campaign last year and also the TV spots for the Skittles¬†recent¬†‘Experience the Rainbow’ campaign.