Broadcasters Talking to Red Bee about VOD

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Charlie | Thursday 16th, 2011, 12:00am BST

ITV and¬†Channel 4 are in talks with¬†Red Bee Media about using its next-generation video-on-demand service, RedPlayer. The new service launches today and offers broadcasters, mobile phone operators and content owners more features than current VoD players, including a screen that streams tagged social media conversations alongside the content being watched. Other functions allow users to set reminders on future programmes they want to watch via Twitter and text message and the ability to monitor viewer activity to see what kind of videos they like. The RedPlayer taps into the trend for multiscreen viewing, with viewers watching live television shows while communicating with others about the programme via social media networks. It is aimed at commercial broadcasters and the Red Bee Media chief executive, Bill Patrizio, confirmed existing clients ITV and Channel 4 have had talks about using it to update ITV Player and 4oD, respectively. Patrizio said RedPlayer can be adapted so it will look different for each client. “Previously players were built for PCs but with the advent of tablets the architecture needed updating,” he added. “RedPlayer is agnostic with regard to the platform and marks a new generation for¬†video on demand platforms.” Red Bee, the onscreen branding and channel playout agency, was formerly BBC Broadcast but changed its name after it was sold by the corporation to a private consortium. Source: The Guardian