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Charlie | Friday 17th, 2011, 12:00am BST

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, one member of the Creative team provides a delicious, home-baked pie for everyone to enjoy whilst another member of the team delivers a lunchtime lecture to share insight and provoke discussion.

Hello pie lovers! So this month was a watershed moment at 3rd Wednesdays as we had our first lunchtime lecture delivered by a colleague who isn’t on the design team. But we’ll come back to that in a bit. Firstly, this month’s pie platter was provided by Nick, who managed to exceed our expectations with two oven-baked beauties of charm, wit and exoticism (pies can be witty). homemade pie I’ll hand over to Nick here for the recipe:

First up we have a take on the traditional Greek delicacy Spanokopita. Consisting of a kilo of fresh Spinach wilted in a pan of gently fried shallots and a large onion, then added to 4 beaten eggs a large block of Feta cheese crumbled into bite sized chunks and 250g ricotta add a pinch of freshly ground nutmeg, season with fresh black pepper then add to a deep square pie dish lined with 8 layers of Filo pastry each layer brushed with unsalted butter and extra virgin olive oil, then use the same number of layers of filo pastry for the lid ensuring you brush each layer with butter or oil or both and tuck each layer down the sides so the mix is completely enveloped. Serve at room temperature.

For our meaty option we have a Spicy Chicken and Chorizo Pie.

homemade pie

For the filling fry one large thinly chopped chorizo with a tablespoon of olive oil in a large pan, add four finely sliced red onions, four large starchy potatoes chopped into small pieces add four large free range chicken thighs to the pan with half a bottle of Rioja, simmer gently for 30mins. Remove the chicken thighs flake the meat from the bones and remove the skin all the time keeping the pan simmering to reduce the sauce add the flaked chicken back into the pan and reduce for 15mins. Grease a pie dish and line with shortcrust pastry pre-bake the base on a low temperature ten minutes then add the filling top with a lid and bake for forty minutes.

Homemade Pie

(Nobody enjoys watching pie being passed away from them…)

Big thanks to Nick! We were all duly impressed and enamoured with the pies, leading to some mildly confrontational haggling over second and third helpings.

And so for our lunchtime lecture this month, it was my responsibility to provide a suitably edifying topic for our shared artistic illumination.

batman first appearance DC Comics 1939

Being a lifelong fan of DC’s Dark Knight, I elected to deliver a presentation on the design evolution of the bat emblem on Batman’s costume from his first appearance in 1939 up to the present day.

design of the batman logo

As an element if the character’s costume, I tried to draw attention to the ways in which it has evolved as a marque of the batman brand as both an emblematic summary of the character’s defining visual and emotional qualities as well as being a pragmatic and adaptable lens that reflects the aesthetic culture of its respective decade.

Lecture on the evolution of the batman logo

Rewardingly, my presentation led to a discussion that covered the value of video games as developmental learning tools, the rise and fall of global empires and the degree to which a culture can be summarised and psychoanalysed through the visual media that it produces.

homemade pie

And after all that I was finally able to relax enjoy my slice of pie.

See you again next month pie lovers! Same pie-time, same pie-channel!

homemade pie