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Charlie | Tuesday 28th, 2011, 12:00am BST

Award-winning screenwriter Kristi Barnett is mounting an attempt to make movie history by harnessing the power of transmedia storytelling to bypass the studio system and connect directly with her audience. The movie is a horror-tinged psychological thriller called ‘Hurst’ and has been filmed on a Kodak Pocket Zi8 Cam and the HTC Desire Z. Making deliberate use of the creative possibilites available to artists via social media, Barnett says:

“Let’s show all the struggling writers and filmmakers who are trying to get their stories seen and heard that there is a way to push through the gates. I hope they’ll use our example to try it themselves”

Transmedia storytelling has been gaining traction as an effective approach to marketing strategy in recent years as mobile and computing technologies continue to bleed over into each other‚Äôs territories, giving consumers the opportunity to immersive themselves in engaging and well-crafted marketing campaigns. In theory, Barnett‚Äôs film could reach a self-multiplying audience of participant viewers who attract more viewers to the project via digital ‘word of mouth’. ¬†Also, when you consider that the film isn’t tied to a multiplex screening rotation, but is available online 24/7 whilst the story develops in episodic form over a three week period, you can appreciate how it‚Äôs been engineered to capture and develop a self-propagating audience¬†online. You can watch a trailer for the movie here (some NSFW language) and experience the action as it unfolds via the protagonist’s twitter feed @KarenBarley. Hurst runs from June 27th until July 16th spanning three weeks in total. We‚Äôll be very interested to see how this unfolds, in more ways than one…