Why Do We Follow Brands Online?

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Charlie | Tuesday 2nd, 2011, 12:00am BST

The fine folk over at Get Satisfaction have produced a rather enlightening infographic that explores some of the reasons that motivate the average consumer to follow a brand through Social Media. Crucially, the information illustrates the percentage of social media users who are influenced to purchase from brands that they’ve interacted with online. Infographic showing consumer behaviour of people who follow brands online When asked ‘Has an online experience influenced whether or not you bought a product/service from a brand?’ 97.09% of those surveyed answered ‘yes’. Whilst on the one hadn this is overwhelmingly positive for those who argue that brands need to engage with consumers online, but there is a subtle area of ambiguity within the question itself. It would be interesting to know how many within that percentage fall into the ‘or not’ aspect of the question, because it’s here that brands who have invested in Social Media are failing to leverage the opportunities that the platforms provide  and are not able to yield effective ROI for their efforts. Source: Get Satisfaction