Gibson Guitar Raids The Social Toolbox

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Charlie | Friday 2nd, 2011, 12:00am BST

Gibson Guitar have responded to the recent raid by US federal agents on their factories in Memphis and Nashville by taking to social media channels to galvanise support. Alongside traditional responses via TV and radio, Gibson is ¬†coordinating their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles to highlight their ongoing position during their present difficulties. On their official Facebook Page (310, 858 fans) Gibson has been sharing links to news items on the story that are are receiving a comparatively high number of ‚ÄòLikes‚Äô, enabling the story to spread virally through their fans’ connected news-streams: Gibson Guitar Facebook updateGibson Guitar Facebook update On Twitter (228, 602 followers) Gibson have instigated the #ThisWillNotStand hashtag, to facilitate the aggregation of tweets about the story alongside sympathetic tweets from the public: Gibson Guitar #ThisWillNotStand  twitter campaign And on their¬†YouTube channel (28246 subscribers) a video of Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz giving a press conference on the matter, uploaded on August 26, is approaching 73,000 views already: All of these tactics demonstrate how the Gibson brand is smartly connecting with its socially-engaged consumer fanbase to raise awareness of their present difficulties and reinforce their stated innocence of wrongdoing. Web-savvy spectators are, by now, used to seeing brands go into bunker-mode during times of difficulty, retreating from the insecure risks of being interactive with the consumers online. By taking such an upfront and, seemingly, transparent stance the Gibson brand is signifying to its customers and critics that they have nothing to hide and every intention to challenge their¬†accusers¬†openly. Gibson are posting regular updates on the story over on their official website and if you can also read about the factory raids over at the Wall Street Journal