Social Shoppers Spend On The Phone

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Charlie | Wednesday 7th, 2011, 12:00am BST

Responses to a recent study by IBM indicate that consumers in Europe are increasingly turning to social networks and their mobile phones when making purchasing decisions. According to IBM’s official press release:

  • 35% read product reviews or rate products through social networking platforms
  • 40% buy products in-store, not online, after canvassing reviews and recommendations through social networking platforms.
  • 57% become ‚Äòfans‚Äô to receive free trial-products or discount coupons

David Hogg, commerce solutions regional leader at IBM, says:

“Social media provides a new window through which retailers can deliver a more personal brand experience across all buying channels.”

A surprisingly high number of consumers indicated a preference for using their mobile phones to shop:

  • 51% have made purchases via their mobile phone
  • 67% rate being able to complete transactions via this route as ‚Äòimportant‚Äô.
  • 68% rated price comparison services via their mobile phone as ‚Äòimportant/very important‚Äô

Hogg concludes;

“It is clear to see that the mobile phone is no longer just a viewing screen or digital catalogue”¬†

Source: Warc News