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Charlie | Friday 30th, 2011, 12:00am BST

We‚Äôve just launched a fun new Turquoise initiative called the ‚ÄòAnother Creative Event‚Äô Club, or the ACE Club for short. Each month, three lucky people become temporary members of the ACE Club, and get to step away from their desks to partake in a creative event happening around London. Each month an HTML email is sent out to the Turquoise team to reveal whether luck is on their side. Select the ACE of Clubs and you‚Äôre in. Select the Joker and you‚Äôll have to hope for better luck next time. Stack of over-sized cards and Ace of Clubs cupcakesA few teasers and tasters launched the event To see who won and what they got up to… Watch this space