Waste Time Profitably

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Charlie | Tuesday 11th, 2011, 12:00am BST

The makers of the 6zer0 game app are so confident that their game is unwinnable that they’re offering a share of their profits to anyone who can beat it. Its designers were inspired by the pointlessly engrossing game played by schoolchildren during the 1980’s who’d try to stop their digital watches on the absolute second. 6zer0 1 secondMy best attempt so far The first person to beat the clock and email the 6zer0 team a screengrab of the secret graphic at the end will receive 6% of their profits for life. Throwing down the gauntlet in this way is a clever piece of marketing that will I’m sure, help to raise the game’s profile 6zer0 and will certainly effect an increase in sales. 6zer0 out of time