Eyes & Ears Special Prize INNOVATION 2011

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Charlie | Thursday 20th, 2011, 12:00am BST

“Feel your heart beat” ‚well, we felt our heart beating when we saw the spectacular pictures from this year‚56th Eurovision Song Contest. Even those who couldn’t be there in person were put under the spell of this unparalleled event through the TV screen. The opener was an indication of the great things to come. The beating heart was the animated key visual, which found its way into the arena. The design also featured stunning LED images the size of multi-storey buildings and a stage that seemed to fill the entire Dusseldorf Arena. The decision to use an LED wall as a wrap-around backdrop for the stage was the decisive factor responsible for the effective design of the set. This allowed visuals custom-designed for all 43 acts to be presented, which in concert with lighting, special effects and props created unique performances of previously unheard of dimensions. In addition to the largest LED wall ever built on a German television set, the crucial innovation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 was the integration of the honeycomb-like green room into the arena with approximately 35,000 seats. The carefully staged opening of the gigantic LED wall and the resulting fusion of the space in front of and behind the main stage counted as one of the highlights of the show. And when it comes to innovation, there was only one decision possible: 12 points! Creative Team: Florian Wieder, Production Designer/Creative Producer wieder design; Matthias Kublik, Art Director wieder design; Thomas Richter, Art Director wieder design; Ralf Quibeldey, Executive Producer Event NDR; Thomas Schreiber, Executive Producer Show NDR; J√∂rg Grabosch, Managing Director Brainpool; Adrian Stumpf, Producer Brainpool; Falk Rosenthal, Screen Producer Gravity; Linda Garcia-Bowles, Head of Motion Turquoise Branding; Gregory Millar, Creative Director Turquoise Branding; Barbara Simon, Creative Director On- & Off-Air Design Source: 13th International Eyes & Ears Awards 2011 Read our Eurovision 2011 case study here.