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Sharlene | Friday 21st, 2011, 12:00am BST

I went to see the Gerhard Richter retrospective at the Tate Modern last weekend. richter-mustang-staffel The exhibition is called Panorama and is indeed the broadest range of work imaginable, created by one person. It includes everything from representational paintings (which are so technically perfect you’ll find it difficult to believe they’re not photographs) through to abstract work using a squeegee to apply paint. artwork_images_75830_514659_gerhard-ric I particularly loved his colour charts; 192 colours, 1024 colours and 4096 colours for their vibrancy and clever colour placement that somehow achieves harmony. Go see it, there’s something for everyone. gerhard_richter-_daughter You can find out more about the exhibition over on the Tate Modern website