The Answer To All Problems

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Charlie | Friday 9th, 2011, 12:00am GMT

Sadly this week we have to say goodbye to our indomitable Office Assistant Aim√©e who is moving on to face fresh challenges further afield. Taking inspiration from Aim√©e’s un-wavering ability to keep upbeat and¬†positive¬†in the most stressful of situations, we decided that she deserved a card that promoted this quality. Using one of her most oft-heard phrases, Turquoise Branding¬†presents: Cool Beanz – “The official answer to all your problems”. Having established the brand marque and strapline each member of the studio also¬†assigned¬†themselves a jelly bean flavour as a little reminder. These were then compiled and illustrated in a flavour menu: Good luck Aimes! You have been one cool bean.