Samsung Unveil Future-Proofed TV

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Charlie | Tuesday 10th, 2012, 12:00am GMT

Samsung have unveiled their new web-enabled Smart-TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that has been ‘future-proofed’ with the built-in ability to upgrade it’s features and processing power. The Samsung ES8000 is fitted with a slot that, in theory, will enable it to keep pace with advances in television technology. Samsung obviously hopes that this will allay the consumers fear of investing in a high-end set that will have become quickly out of date. In addition to its “smart evolution capability”, the Samsung ES8000 also has gesture-based control as well as face and voice recognition allowing users to browse the web with a wave of their hand and to change channel by speaking in one of the more than 20 languages that the set is preprogrammed to understand. In terms of being able to deliver next-gen interactivity across devices, Samsung are going head to head with Microsoft where the Kinect is already enabling voice and gesture control for the television and, as has also been announced at CES, motion-control for PC is imminent. With consumer apathy towards Microsoft factoring into purchase decisions, Samsung may be in a very good position to both consolidate their lead in the television market and, if their future-gazing bears out, be the new trend setter in the overall domestic entertainment market. If all else fails, the ES8000 comes with Angry Birds as standard, Sources: BBC News | Huffington Post