Birthday Money

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Charlie | Friday 13th, 2012, 12:00am GMT

This week we¬†celebrated the birthday of senior designer Greta. Unfortunately, in the hectic run up to Christmas we somehow managed to overlook Greta’s actual birthday in December and had to wait until she returned to work this week to correct this. In effect, we gave her a second birthday and so in coming up with a concept for her birthday card we looked at the precedent for having two birthdays. Naturally that brought us to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who, as well as having two birthdays, is the face on all British currency. So, to commemorate Greta’s birthday we designed and made a wedge of alternative Brixton Pound note. Happy belated birthday Greta! //DISCLAIMER// The printed notes are in no way intended to be used as bankable currency and we were definitely not trying to manufacture counterfeit money.