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Charlie | Tuesday 17th, 2012, 12:00am GMT

With the slogan ‘meaningful design for the common good’, New York-based independent design firm Hyperakt have built a portfolio of projects aimed at enhancing social responsibility and bringing global change. As part of a new brand identity programme for the Sydney based software company Atlassian, Hyperakt designed an infographic celebrating the evolution of communication technologies from prehistoric until modern times. The resulting visual piece is a concise illustrative map bringing together information and humour to highlight key dates and make a long historical journey accessible to everyone. (infographic attached) Hyperakt also designed an interactive online map for the Google Chrome Team tracing the evolution of web technology from the days of Mosaic to nowadays Chrome OS: Evolution of the web In their own words: “Hyperakt focused on designing user interactions that make the visualization a valuable reference tool for the web community. Each browser’s evolution is illustrated with screen captures of their various versions and many technologies are each linked to extensive definitions, all available in six languages. We were fortunate enough to work with the fantastic team at Vizzuality who brought the designs to life through their elegant HTML5 development. The result is a fluid and responsive immersive trip through the history of the web.” The interactive map can be found here. The evolution of communication technology has speeded up tremendously in the span of 500 years following the advent of the printing press. Today, the web offers us the possibility of communicating with the world in matters of seconds. With the earliest evidence of visual communication between humans dating back to 33,000 years ago, we have come a very long way indeed! Evolution of Communication by Hyperakt We love it because it takes the complex and, perhaps off-puttingly, techy history of communication as an evolving medium and brings it to life in a way that makes it fun to read and easy to absorb. It’s this same level of clarity that we aim for with every branding assignment that comes through the Turquosie studio, whether it’s a full-blown brand creation project or a set of internal brand guidelines so naturally we’re big fans of anybody else who can bring a message to life without dragging us around the block first.