Channel 4 Launching Social-Driven Channel

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Charlie | Tuesday 13th, 2012, 12:00am GMT

Channel 4 has announced plans to launch a new social media-driven channel. 4seven a new channel that will enable viewers to catch up on, or view again, programmes that have generated the most buzz in social media in the past seven days. David Abraham, Chief Executive for Channel 4, said: “The launch of 4seven also supports our strategy of embracing the opportunities of connectivity, by exploring ways to deepen engagement with our viewers and expand the choices we can offer them.” The announcement was made at the Financial Times Digital Media Conference on 8 March 2012. By embracing the Social Media phenomenon as a means to determine scheduling, Channel 4 are acknowledging how much room there is for experimentation and innovation in the new paradigm of interconnectivity. I’ll be very interested to see how the new channel is able to adapt to viewer trends and whether it can evolve into a successful new channel model for broadcasters. 4seven will be the first new channel that Channel 4 has launched since More4 in 2005 and it will launch across all major TV platforms later this year. Source: Brand Republic