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Charlie | Friday 16th, 2012, 12:00am GMT

I came across these beautiful books as I was flipping through the pages of ‘Children’s Picturebooks: the art of storytelling’ by Martin Salisbury and Morag Styles recently published by Laurence King. Katsumi Komagata is an award-winning Japanese author and designer with a unique approach to children’s books. He founded One Stroke in 1986 and since then works on developing exhibitions, workshops and publishing projects among which a book for visually deficient children co-published with Centre Pompidou in 2003. He tells stories by bringing the pages of a book to life “using various paper textures, colour and cut-out shapes to draw the reader into a three-dimensional paper world full of discoveries and surprises. Reading his books becomes a tactile as well as a visual experience.” He describes his working process: ‚ÄúHere it is, It starts slowly slowly There are empty and full I move them round They get longer, they lie down, A small thing becomes a big thing A single thing becomes multiple And everything goes back to place Slowly slowly.‚Äù You can view more colourful wonders at the One Stroke website.

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