Say It With Bunting

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Charlie | Monday 2nd, 2012, 12:00am BST

With the arrival of Spring we find that we must say goodbye to our virtuoso Studio Manager Hannah, who has decided to escape The Smoke and move out to decidedly greener vistas. To commemerate her time here at Turquoise we thought it only proper to pay homage to a very particular passion of Hannah’s that we gradually came to be in awe of as a progression of seasonal events came to pass. In short, the lady loves bunting. To ensure that Hannah was fully equipped for at least the next year, we created an all-purpose Emergency Bunting Pack. You can see the designs for our comprehensive bunting bonanza below. These were printed onto card, cut out and threaded onto specially made ‘festive-string’ before being tucked away into the individual sleeves you can see in the image above. You can see that Hannah could barely contain her joy as she discovered her ready-made kit of bunting booty, confirming, as if it was not already apparent, that she is indeed a bon vivant of the bunting scene. As it happened, Hannah’s final day fell on the same day that we celebrated Gareth’s birthday, so we weren’t able to pile it on too thick and tears were only almost shed. We wish Hannah every success in the future and hope that she’ll drop in for a cuppa when she’s next in town!