Sampling South India

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Charlie | Friday 13th, 2012, 12:00am BST

Today we were treated to an authentic meal of South Indian cuisine, prepared by the excellent chefs at Govinda in Soho, courtesy of Greta who wanted to share with us her experience of visiting the Isha Yoga Centre set deep in the Velliangiri mountains of Coimbatore, South India: “This is a place where human wellbeing is at the heart of any activity ‚Äì be it through programmes specifically designed for personal growth or through large scale projects of environmental, educational or global outreach. Coming back from a place like this, I wished to share some of these discoveries and decided to organise a special South Indian lunch hour for everyone here at Turquoise!” The menu consisted of: Pilau rice with vegetables Paneer curry with chilli – Indian Cheese Broccolli, pumpkin and carrot curry with coriander and mustard seeds Dhal (lentil stew) Chappattis (Indian flatbread) After lunch we were introduced to Kolam pattern making, the art of creating complex motifs that South Indian women have drawn at the entrance of their houses for over 5000 years to bring good fortune. The challenge in creating a Kolam pattern is to make a symmetrical design using one continuous line, without ever lifting your hand from the paper. Greta’s cousin Maya Rizkallah, who is an instructor at the Isha Yoga centre, has very kindly agreed to visit us in the studio to conduct a guided meditation session for the whole team, an offer very much in keeping with Greta‚Äôs description of ethos of the centre: “The serenity of the Velliangiri mountains surrounding this centre, the temples designed by its founder Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, and the quality of all residents and volunteers there putting their heart into everything they do have all contributed to a truly special experience” As you can see below, Charlie is already WAY ahead of us on the serenity score: Thank you Greta!