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Charlie | Tuesday 22nd, 2012, 12:00am BST

While searching on the internet for contemporary calligraphic designs, I happened to find the work of a young artist called Everitte Barbee. everitte_barbee_pulpfiction His blog Everitte.org is an extraordinary collection of illustrations created with the highly decorative Ottoman calligraphic script called ‘Diwani Jali’ which borrows from the tradition of calligrams in Islamic culture. everitte_barbee_welsh_dragon Everitte Barbee is from Nashville, Tennessee. He studied International Business and Arabic at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland after which he decided to travel to the Middle East to develop his skills in Arabic language and Arabic calligraphy. everitte_barbee_collection He learned to write the Diwani Jali script with master calligrapher Adnan Farid in Damascus, Syria. He currently lives and works in Lebanon. You can read what Everitte has to say about his passion for calligraphy here.