YouTube Offer Live Concerts

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Charlie | Wednesday 21st, 2012, 12:00am GMT

YouTube expands it’s bid to become a full-fledged broadcast brand with the addition of live concert coverage via branded channels. Utilising the live-streaming functionality that YouTube rolled out last year, online audiences will now be able to enjoy live concert performances, without having to pay for a ticket, across a range of dedicated channels from some of the world’s biggest contemporary music talents, including Rihanna who already broadcast the London performance of her 777 tour live this Monday. http://youtu.be/Jhb6IpPB8lQ Considering that the video for Rihanna’s new single Diamonds is currently number one on the Viral Video Chart with 35+ million views in two weeks, YouTube are definitely launching with some heavy hitters on the audience-friendly scale. YouTube makes strategic mention of ‘scheduling’ in the accompanying press release ¬ª Because we know you‚Äôre going to have to plan your schedule carefully to catch all the shows, we‚Äôve laid ‚Äòem out for you: when, where and how you can watch. This use of language, whilst subtle, is an example of how YouTube is gradually realigning consumer perception of the brand as a legitimate entertainment provider. As the Google-owned YouTube platform continues to consolidate its interests in the consumer entertainment market, traditional broadcasters should by now be giving some thought as to how their brands are equipped to stay on top as the contest for survival of the fittest ramps up over the next couple of years.

Source: YouTube Blog