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Charlie | Monday 15th, 2013, 12:00am BST

Stockholm-based photographer and image-maker Carl Kleiner is a master of colour and composition. A mysterious character, with no biographical information on his website or blog, Carl defines himself only by his work and his insightful photographic diary. His client list is impressive, creating work for a range of clients from IKEA and SONY, to Wallpaper magazine and Creative Review. Carl Kleiner's photography for Flos This series of images above was created for the lighting company FLOS. Kleiner‚Äôs confident composition perfectly reflects FLOS‚Äôs ‚ÄòFlosophy‚Äù which is described as being ‚Äòiconic‚Äô, ‚Äòinventive‚Äô and with ‚Äòstrong symbolic appeal‚Äô. More of Carl Kleiner's photography for Flos Kleiner’s personal work (below) ‚Äòlollipops‚Äô shows the playful side to his work. Again, the compositions are highly creative, and the use of lighting and contrasting tones gives personality to his inanimate subjects. Carl Kleiner personal project 'Lollipops' Finally, these images created for IKEA deserve another mention; the perfectly poised elements work harmoniously together to create pleasing symmetrical patterns. Carl Kleiner Ikea photography An overall sense of order and perfection shines through, and for some odd reason (possibly because I have a touch of OCD), leaves me with a happy feeling and an unbearable urge to rearrange my dining table. More of Carl Kleiner's Ikea photography