Is Your Brand Digitally Match Fit?

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While many years ago the utilisation of your brand may have focused largely on applications across the stadium, kit and fan communications (to name but a few), today the areas brands need to hold space and flex are ever-changing and increasingly focused on dynamic content.

With new generations of fans shirking the traditional match / game / event experience for bite-size interactive formats and athlete-driven content, the core question all brands should be asking themselves is ‘is my brand match fit’ for the head-to-head with new audiences?

Sports branding… but make it meme-worthy

Okay so maybe not literally meme-worthy, but also yes, why not!

The shifts seen across sports consumption globally have been significant, with dramatic changes in how younger fans watch and interact with sports, athletes and teams.

“The next generation of fans is virtual. They are digital natives to be found streaming sports or watching clips via social media.”

The next generation of fans is virtual (although not quite yet in the metaverse) they are digital natives to be found streaming sports or watching clips/ highlights via social media, all the while chatting with friends and fellow fans and getting their sporting news online.

A recent report from American sports broadcaster Whistle1 found that a mere 30% Gen Z males watch sport related content via TV, while 65% of Gen Z (males) and 52% of millennials (males) consume sport related content via social media.

With leagues such as the NFL forging partnerships with TikTok and athletes such Ronaldo (400m+) and Messi (300m+) being among the ten most followed individuals on Instagram, it’s time to ensure your brand can flex and hold its ground in the ever-dynamic Mediaverse.

Wondering if your brand is ready for the social shift? Check out our social ready checklist:

– Is your brand agile enough to work across all channels?

– Can it cut through in a crowded Mediaverse?

– Do you have a clear and defined tone of voice?

– Does it resonate with the desired audience?

– Does it feel native and authentic to the channel?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, it might be time to speak to us about how we can make your brand digital-ready.

Case study – Getting UEFA digitally ready

If there is one thing we understand here at Turquoise, it’s that the demands placed on brands these days are extensive. Our work with UEFA is a prime example of that.

The brief for the 2021/22 Europa League and Conference League asked our team to not only explore a common theme that would connect the existing Europa League to the new Conference League, but it also demanded a fresh look at how to approach the brand in application.

“The brand needed to be dynamic, engaging and instantly recognisable on-screen, in stadiums and importantly across social.”

Ensuring the brand’s energy continues well after the fans have stopped chanting and the stadium lights are off meant creating a brand that works at scale as well as being recognised as an Instagram ident.

The result was the creation of a flexible social media toolkit that allows the brand to maximise engagement with the fans across a broad range of platforms and aids in ongoing brand recognition.

1 https://teamwhistle.com/assets/Downloads/a-new-age-in-sports-consumption.pdf


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