World Obstacle
Reaching New Heights

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Creating a brand fit for the challenge

Our brief was to create a brand that elevated World Obstacle Federation and position them as a leading international sporting federation through a modern and energetic brand identity.

The Challenge

World Obstacle Federation represent some of the most dynamic and energetic sports across the globe including ninja, obstacle course racing (OCR) and adventure racing. Our main challenge was to create a brand that would match the ambition of the organisation, developing an identity that would be relevant now and in the future.

The Outcome

Having gained significant momentum and popularity across the world it was time for the organisation to improve their image and ensure that the brand was reflective of the sport as well as positioning it as a leader in the sporting world.

Our first task was the naming exercise. Officially known as the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO) in line with many other sporting federations across the world, the name did not reflect the energy, spirit and power of the sport. Deciding instead to follow the more modern trend of including the sport within the name, World Obstacle was agreed to be the more impactful option.

With the name agreed, the stage was set for the creation of a brand that is as modern and dynamic as the sport itself. The identity was designed with flexibility in mind as the brand needed to hold space among other sporting federations globally as well as be enticing and engaging enough to apply to the sporting events the federation hosts.

“Working with Turquoise was a real journey of insights and discoveries...
...this very meaningful process turned into a final product that represents exactly who we want to be, where we want to go and what we want to achieve.”

Michel Cutait, Deputy Secretary General of World Obstacle
Fédération Internationale de Sports d'Obstacles