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Saudi Arabia offers an alluring and unique tourism experience through its incredible nature, culture, heritage and opportunities for adventure.

In September 2019 Saudi Arabia entered a new era of tourism, opening its doors to international visitors by launching its tourist e-visa. Following a competitive process, Turquoise were selected to develop a national tourism brand identity.



Saudi Arabia was little known as a tourism destination outside of the Kingdom.

The challenge was therefore to create an authentic brand that positioned this beautiful country in its best light, building a positive image based on Saudi Arabia’s incredible nature, culture, heritage and opportunities for adventure.

The brand needed to be able to evolve as the country, an its tourism offering was developed. It was also vital for the brand to stretch across a wide spectrum of audience groups and across a diverse range of touchpoints.



We delivered an identity that has been embraced by Saudi citizens as well as being attractive and alluring to global and regional tourists; bridging the gap between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.

Our creative concept takes inspiration from Arabic calligraphy, a hallmark of Saudi heritage and culture, while the visual language system uses the brush strokes of traditional calligraphic script but with a contemporary treatment and an optimistic and varied colour palette. This treatment informs a suite of patterns and iconography.

This allows the brand to represent the wealth and diversity of the offering, combining both old and new worlds.

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We created a FIFA World Cup campaign, all about the wonders of this amazing lesser-travelled nation and the opportunity for visitors to experience the unexpected.

We also helped Saudi Tourism put its best foot forward at the World Travel Market.