Window On The World

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Evolving with the times

TGRT Haber is a 24-hour Turkish news channel which launched in 2004. We created a new brand proposition and identity to reflect the channel’s comprehensive approach to news gathering.

The challenge

TGRT is one of the most popular news channels in Turkey, attracting a regular audience of over 10 million viewers each day. The channel is proud of its neutral and positive stance that doesn’t rely on spin or bias. At the time, TGRT had invested significantly in new technology and mobile kit that enabled more journalists to be deployed to more locations and then easily connect back to the studio or broadcast from wherever they were. Naturally, they were keen to reflect their progressive approach through a new brand identity.

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The outcome

We came up with the brand proposition, window on the world to convey a sense of freshness and immediacy. This informed a dynamic new visual identity that was centred around the concept of layers of data streams revolving around a horizon to reflect their focus on cutting edge broadcasting technologies.

Repositioning the channel

The brand strategy and fresh new channel identity were brought to life on air by a dynamic news package using a bold and confident colour palette that would engage younger audiences and position TGRT as a relevant and progressive news channel. The rebrand was a success – in 2018 TGRT Haber increased its ratings more than any of its 29 competitor channels.